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2017 Travel Sports Baseball

World Series

2017 Registration is Closed

A/AA 5u-14u
June 21st to June 25th
OPEN Division
Even Ages
June 28th to July 2nd
OPEN Division
Odd Ages
July 5th to July 9th

PARENTS! Click Here for Parents FAQ

COACHES! Team Check-in and Coaches Meeting Info Week 2

Schedules and Tournament page Week 2

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Guaranteed locations!

AA World Series - Grapevine and Colleyville
Open World Series - Grapevine

Event Fees, Gate Fees and Discounts

Entry Fees

6u - $395.00
7u-8u - $495.00
9u-14u - $695.00
The registration fee is due by June 1st or before the division sells out. Most ages will fill before the deadline. Teams paying after the deadline will have a $100 late fee added.
Gate Fees
Gate fees will be $40 per rostered player on each team.
All gate fees will be paid at team check in
*Any team registered and paid prior to April 15th will receive a $100 discount
*Any team registered prior to April 15th will receive a $50 discount if paid by May 15th

What divisions are you eligible to play?

Your divisionCan playororor
6u6u7u AA7u Open8u AA
7u AA7u AA7u Open8u AA8u Open
7u AAA7u Open8u AA8u Open9u AA
8u AA8u AA8u Open9u AA9u Open
8u AAA8u Open9u AA9u Open10u AA
9u AA9u AA9u Open10u AA10u Open
9u AAA9u Open10u AA10u Open11u AA
9u Major9u Open10u Open11u AA11u Open
10u AA10u AA10u Open11u AA11u Open
10u AAA10u Open11u AA11u Open12u AA
10u Major10u Open11u Open12u AA12u Open
11u AA11u AA11u Open12u AA12u Open
11u AAA11u Open12u AA12u Open13u AA
11u Major11u Open12u Open13u AA13u Open
12u AA12u AA12u Open13u AA13u Open
12u AAA12u Open13u AA13u Open14u AA
12u Major12u Open14u AA14u AA14u Open
13u AA13u AA13u Open14u AA14u Open
13u AAA13u Open14u AA14u Open 
13u Major13u Open14u Open  
14u AA14u AA14u Open  
14u AAA14u Open   
14u Major14u Open  

World Series Format


Each team will play 4 pool play games.
Top teams of the pools will go into the DIVISION 1 Bracket.
All other teams will compete in the DIVISION 2.
Very large brackets will also have a DIVISION 3.
Both the D2 and D3 brackets will only consist of bottom 50% of pools. This may be adjusted to ease the max number of rounds a team would play in order to finish the event.
All championship brackets are double elimination with no "if" game.


Each team will play 4 pool play games.
All championship brackets are double elimination with no "if" game.


Schedules will be released a few days prior to the event. We cannot accept any schedule request.

Coaches Meeting/Team Checkin

12PM Wednesday at TBD


No players at Team Checkin
1 COACH is required at coaches meeting.


Your roster must be completed online
There will be absolutely no additions allowed after team check-in. Teams caught using players that are not declared at team check-in will forfeit from the event.
Bring photocopies of all birth certificates to team check-in.


Team Gates fees - Siblings with either the same father, mother or both on the same team will be charged only one gate pass. The minimum gate fee per team is 10 players for 6u-14u regardless of the number of players or siblings. All players must be declared at team check in. There is no other gate fees or pay gate for family and fans.

Pin Trading and Skill Competition

3PM Wednesday at Oak Grove Park
2520 Oak Grove Loop Rd
Grapevine, Texas

Week 2 Skills Contest – 3 pm Wednesday

2520 Oak Grove Loop, Grapevine, Texas.
Field A – Fastest Man 14u
Field B – Around the Horn 12u
Field C – Fastest Man 12u
Field D – Fastest Man 10u
Field E – Around the Horn 10u
Field F – Home Rub Derby 10u
Field G – Home Rub Derby 12u
Field H – Home Run Derby 14u
Field I – Around the Horn 14u
All pre-registered players report to the fields at 2pm to get on the list. Only pre-registered players can compete. Contestants entered into more than one event are not guaranteed that they will be able to compete in more than one event.

King of Swing Home Run Derby

(3 participants from each team) Each batter will get 12 pitches, no warm ups pitches on the field will be allowed. Each team will supply their own regulation baseballs (not practice grade balls) and pitcher. NO PLAYERS CAN BE ON THE FIELD SHAGGING BALLS UNTIL THE BATTER IS DONE. All participants waiting will have to wait outside of the fence. Only the TSB Official, the coach pitcher and the batter may be on the field.

Around the Horn

(5 players needed) This is a timed event. Each team will be given two attempts. The time will start and end on the catcher, the sequence is 1-2-5-4-3-2. Each base must be tagged including home plate by the catcher (the catcher does not have to tag on the throw from the pitcher that starts the sequence). The pitcher can back up the catcher on the throw from first base.

Fastest Man Base Running Contest

(4 participants from each team) This is a timed event. Runners will be timed from Home to Home, one attempt is allowed and cleats are required.

Submit your skills contest contestants in your coaches login. The deadline is the Monday prior to team check in at 8:00 am. There will be no exceptions or edits after the cutoff.

Opening Ceremonies

6PM Wednesday at Oak Grove Park
2520 Oak Grove Loop Rd
Grapevine, Texas Teams report to Field B for staging 5:30 pm
2520 Oak Grove Loop, Grapevine, Texas

Opening Ceremonies Field A 6 pm (45min approx.)
2520 Oak Grove Loop, Grapevine, Texas
Welcome teams and families
Team march
Organizational Awards
Skills Contest winners Awards
(insert) will sing our National Anthem
Ceremonial First Pitch

The DJ will have games and prizes for the parents, players and siblings outside Field A starting at 4pm

12u NYBC Qualifier


Baseball USA Events LLC
1001 W. Euless Blvd. Suite 403
Euless, Texas 76040


Please read before using the online payment system

-There will be a $15 charge automatically added at checkout for using the online system.
-You cannot pay team gate fees online for the World Series

Amount: $(example - "125.00")
Team Age:
Team Name:
Event Name:

There are no refunds issued once payment is submitted, do not pay gate fees prior to team check in